On this site you will find positive green sustainable news healthy for the planet and you. Linked from different sites or written by Green Dreams Newsroom. I got tiered of all the negative reports in our daily news stream. Therefore I started this site to collect good green news from Byron Bay and around the world.

Today we are fed with a huge load of negative news and information every where we go. Yes, there are really bad things happening in the world and of course we should not ignore that, but we need a balance.If we not see the good stuff we will not get the energy to change and make a different in our homes, families and communities for a more sustainable world.

Good news can also give solutions how to attack problems and inspire to hope. We can’t just have an agenda were we always see the world falling apart. It’s a vicious circle and we need to change that to create positive minds that believe in a greener future.

Green Dreams Newsroom will be your bank to boost up your positiveness about planet Earth, all the living things and your beautiful soul.

/Caroline Brandelius



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