Sal Salis- Aussie camp in top 5 of the world


By: Caroline Brandelius, Photo: Sal Salis

Sal Salis a classic Aussie tent set up 50 meters from Nigaloo reef in Western Australia has made it to the top four, of Lonely Planet’s 2017 best stays in the world.

Amanda Fisher, marketing manager at Sal Salis explains, what it means for them to be on the list:

“It is a validation that what we do is the right thing. We are great believers in our style of tourism and we know there are many people out there who wish to travel responsibly and who believe as we do.”

The eco-luxury tent camp is in fragile Cape Range National Park and is dedicated to their mission of leaving minimal footprint as possible. All power is managed by solar panels and water is carefully used, each guest receiving 20 litres of water a day for showering. They also ensure no waste escapes into the surrounding environment and impacts the eco system by using all organic chemical free linen and locally made soap.

“The luxury with our stay is in the freedom to enjoy our remote and beautiful place in the world. Luxury is the experience of slowing down and reconnecting with nature and enjoying the Nigaloo coast with just a handful of travellers.” says Amanda.

Sal Salis limits their impact by remaining a small resort with only a few tents. There is no access to TV, internet or phones so guests can be one with nature and maximise their stay isolated from the modern world. Wildlife is on their doorstep and they can experience it by snorkelling, kayaking or walking. There is also an opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the right season.

 “Geotourism, the wholeness and wellbeing of a community, is the most important tool we have in fighting the extinction crises today.” says Amanda.

Sal Salis believes a sustainable future means people must travel with an awareness of the local land, culture and eco system. Along with relaxing and having unforgettable nature experience. They also hope the stay will remind people that around the world we are all interconnected and joined to absolutely everything.


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